Redefining the META at VRMMO Academy

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Redefining the META at VRMMO Academy

English Title: Redefining the META at VRMMO Academy
Japanese Title: VRMMO学園で楽しい魔改造のススメ — “VRMMO Gakuen de Tanoshii Makaizou no Susume”
Author: Hayaken — ハヤケン
Illustrator: Akita Hika — 晃田 ヒカ
Translator: Benjamin Daughety
Genre: Action, Fantasy, School Life, Science Fiction
Original Run: June 2017 – ongoing
English Run: April 2019 – ongoing
Japanese Publisher: HJ Bunko (Hobby Japan)
English Publisher: Sol Press
Volumes in Japanese: 6 (In Progress)
Volumes in English: 3 (In Progress)


Nothing like a bit of modding to change the weakest class in a VRMMO into the strongest!
Our game-loving protagonist, Ren Takashiro, enjoys nothing more than taking the weakest classes and wimpiest skills, only to flip their inadequacies on their heads! After hearing from his MMO buddy about a special school that provides lessons in VRMMO games, he decides to enroll. Like second nature to him, he quickly picks the so-called weakest job, Symbologist. Just as he’s setting about transforming it into the strongest class known to mankind, a girl walks in…
“Wait, you’re Akira? You’re a girl?!”
“Uh, yeah?”
Thus, his new gaming life with his long-time, beautiful friend begins!

Volume 1
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Released April 26, 2019 — ASIN: B07QT8HN4P

Volume 2
AmazonKoboGoogle PlayBookwalker
Released June 15, 2020 — ASIN: B0899XTR19

Volume 3
Amazon — Kobo — Google Play — Bookwalker
Released August 17, 2020 — ASIN: B08BJ8F1GV

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