Record of Wortenia War

English Title: Record of Wortenia War Japanese Title: ウォルテニア戦記 — Wortenia Senki Author: Ryota Hori – 保利亮太 Illustrator: bob Translator: ZackZeal Genre: Isekai Fantasy, Military, Harem, Drama Original Run: September 2015 – ongoing English Run: July 2019 – ongoing Japanese Publisher: HJ Novels (Hobby Japan) English Publisher: J-Novel Club Volumes in Japanese: 17 (In Progress)… Read More Record of Wortenia War

New LN Licenses for April 2019

From Seven Seas: SCP Foundation: Iris of the Mirror World (by Akira, with art by Sidu) Synopsis: A young man is encountering a strange phenomenon–the same photo of a girl appears inside any book he opens. One book in the library causes him to be whisked away by the SCP Foundation, a secret organization dedicated… Read More New LN Licenses for April 2019