Vampire Hunter D

English Title: Vampire Hunter D Japanese Title: 吸血鬼バンパイアハンター – “Vampire Hunter”Author: Hideyuki KikuchiIllustrator: Yoshitaka AmanoTranslator: Kevin LeahyGenre: Horror, Fantasy, DramaOriginal Run: 1983 – ongoing English Run: 2005 – ongoingEnglish Publisher: Dark HorseVolumes Published in English: 29 (In Progress) * Note* The English volumes do not follow the same numbering as the Japanese releases. The stories are presented in chronological order,… Read More Vampire Hunter D

A Wind Named Amnesia / Invader Summer

Note: Dark Horse released two Hideyuki Kikuchi novels in a single volume with artwork by Yoshitaka Amano. The two novels are A Wind Named Amnesia and Invader Summer. English Title: A Wind Named Amnesia Japanese Title: 風の名はアムネジア — Kaze no Na wa Amunejia — “A Wind Named Amnesia” English Title: Invader Summer Japanese Title: インベーダー・サマー — “Invader Summer” Author: Hideyuki Kikuchi Illustrator: Yoshitaka Amano… Read More A Wind Named Amnesia / Invader Summer