Light Novel Notes (October 2016)

What light novels are set to release next? On October 4th, the Spice and Wolf Collector’s Edition will release. This is a huge hardcover that includes all seventeen light novels of the series. Supply was limited, so it apparently sold out quickly. If you still would like a copy, it looks like Yen Press will… Read More Light Novel Notes (October 2016)

Light Novel Notes (September 2016)

It’s time for light novel notes! I’m going to stop posting recent releases (I have those covered here), but I will go over what’s coming out soon. (Or in the case of The Violet Knight, what has just barely released.) The Violet Knight volume 1 (ebook) Amazon Release Date: September 12, 2016 Strike the Blood volume… Read More Light Novel Notes (September 2016)

Review: Zaregoto – The Kubishime Romanticist

For general information on this series: Zaregoto entry This review is for the second volume of the Zaregoto Series by Nisio Isin (with art by Take). The English edition was released by Del Rey in December 2010. There has since been no word regarding the remaining seven books. Following the events of the previous volume,… Read More Review: Zaregoto – The Kubishime Romanticist

News: Light Novel Articles (December 2014)

It’s now 2015, but we have one more entry for light novel-themed blog posts from 2014 to cover. Here’s some links I can share from December: Have you read the Zaregoto books available in English? Here are brief reviews of Book 1: Kubikiri Cycle and Book 2: Kubishime Romanticist at Anime Vios. Geekout South-West has had some… Read More News: Light Novel Articles (December 2014)