Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts: The Novel

Kingdom Hearts: The Novel

English Title: Kingdom Hearts
Japanese Title: キングダム ハーツ — “Kingdom Hearts”
Author: Tomoco Kanemaki
Illustrator: Shiro Amano
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Original Run: 2005
English Run: 2015
Volumes: 2
English Publisher: Yen Press
Volumes Published in English: 1 (COMPLETE)
Average Price Per VolumePaperback – $12
Note: The story of Kingdom Hearts was told in two volumes in Japan. Vol 1: The First Door, and Vol 2: Darkness Within. (Source) The omnibus released in English includes both volumes.

Synopsis: On the Destiny Islands, three children–Sora, Riku, and Kairi–are living out their peaceful, carefree lives while yearning for whatever lies beyond the great ocean. But one night, an unexpected disaster takes place, and the three are torn from each other and their island home. Meanwhile, at Disney Castle, Donald Duck and the other castle residents are in an uproar upon discovering King Mickey has suddenly gone missing. When fate brings them together, Sora, Donald, and Goofy set out on a grand Disney adventure to find their friends!

Volume 1

Volume 1

Volume 1 — Kingdom Hearts: The Novel
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6 responses to “Kingdom Hearts

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    • Thanks, honya! I am (slowly) in the process of adding that to each LN entry. My hope is that it might help some people find more LNs they would like!

  2. A Kingdom Hearts light novel sounds interesting, but after reading some Amazon reviews, it looks like there are some parts from the story that are skipped. I think I will stick with the games and manga.

    • Adaptations of works usually don’t end up covering everything, but I can understand being bummed if a favorite scene is left out. Can’t comment on the franchise myself though, as I’m unfamiliar with it.

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