Log Horizon

Log Horizon

Log Horizon

English Title: Log Horizon
Japanese Title: ログ・ホライズン — “Log Horizon”
Author: Mamare Touno
Illustrator: Kazuhiro Hara
Translator: Taylor Engel
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-fi
Original Run: March 2011 – ongoing
English Run: April 2015 – ongoing
Japanese Publisher: Enterbrain
English Publisher: Yen Press
Volumes in Japanese: 10 (In Progress)
Volumes in English: 9 (In Progress)
Average Price Per Volume: Paperback — $12

Synopsis: When thirty thousand Japanese gamers are suddenly trapped in the online game world of “Elder Tale,” a realm of swords and sorcery–that was, up until yesterday, very much a fantasy–is now their cold, hard reality. Severed from their everyday lives, they’re faced with fighting monsters, eating food with no flavor, and being unable to die?! Amid the chaos in “Elder Tale” Akihabara, veteran gamer Shiroe locates his old friend Naotsugu and teams up with the beautiful female assassin Akatsuki. Together they embark on an adventure to change the world as they know it!

Volume 1 — The Beginning of Another World
Amazon — Barnes and NobleBook Depository

Volume 2 — The Knights of Camelot
Amazon — Barnes and NobleBook Depository

Volume 3 — Game’s End: Part One
Amazon — Barnes and NobleBook Depository

Volume 4 — Game’s End: Part Two
Amazon — Barnes and NobleBook Depository

Volume 5 — A Sunday in Akiba
AmazonBarnes and NobleBook Depository

Volume 6 — Lost Child of the Dawn
AmazonBarnes and NobleBook Depository

Volume 7 — The Gold of the Kunie
AmazonBarnes and NobleBook DepositoryRightStuf

Volume 8 — The Larks Take Flight
AmazonBarnes and NobleBook DepositoryRightStuf

Volume 9 — Go East, Kanami!
AmazonBarnes and NobleBook DepositoryRightStuf

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10 responses to “Log Horizon

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  5. Thanks for such a great resource! I’ve been searching for months for light novel in a digital book format that I could read on my kindle, and all I’ve been able to find are the manga versions. I’ve come to understand that yen on only publishes the manga in America under yen press and I’d rather pay for them than read pirated versions. Does anyone know why Japanese light novels aren’t available in America digitally? It seems like a no brainier to me. They could be sold for 5-10 dollars and they’d make a killing. I’d have spent hundreds already lol.

    If anyone knows about if or when they’ll start releasing Log Horizon or SAO on id love to know.

    Thanks again!

    • I have an “ebook available” tag for all light novels that have a digital version officially available in English — feel free to check that out to see what titles are included so far. Log Horizon is print-only at the moment, but that may change one day. I imagine Yen Press would like to get the digital rights for all the titles they localize, but this might not be a simple matter. But some titles such as Sword Art Online started out as print-only, but now it looks like some volumes are getting ebook releases. Perhaps in time this will happen with Log Horizon as well.

      • Thanks Cho! I hope so as well. I know they’d make a lot more money in the digital realm than print, as manufacturing and shipping costs would be non-existent. There are so many I want to read but don’t have access to, and I’d rather not read a pirated copy.

        I appreciate your response, and very much appreciate your site.

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