News: Legend of Galactic Heroes, Attack on Titan LN Licensed

(pictured: Legend of Galactic Heroes)
(pictured: Legend of Galactic Heroes)

Anime Expo has begun, and there are already a couple light novel localization announcements to share.

Legend of Galactic Heroes
Legend of Galactic Heroes

First, an announcement from Viz Media:

Legend of the Galactic Heroes will be released from Viz Media’s Haikasoru imprint. Haikasoru has the first three volumes scheduled, starting with volume one in spring 2016, and will release more depending on the success of the first three.

This series can more technically be considered regular novels from Japan, but its association with the highly-regarded anime adaptation makes it pertinent for visitors of this site. (Note: The anime adaptation was also announced for English release, courtesy of Sentai Filmworks.)

Sci-fi fans will have a big space opera to look forward to with this series, and it appears it will be made available in both print and digital formats.

Attack on Titan: Lost Girls
Attack on Titan: Lost Girls

The second recent announcement comes from Vertical:

Vertical will release Hajime Iseyama and Hiroshi Seko’s (Attack on Titan scripts, Seraph of the End) Attack on Titan: Lost Girls novel spinoff in summer 2016. The novel will contain 220 pages and will be priced at US$14.95. The novel collects three short stories centered around Mikasa and Annie titled, “Lost in the cruel world,” “Wall Sina, Goodbye,” and “Lost Girls.” Vertical has licensed several other novels based on the Attack on Titan series.

Can’t find any further news for this one, but it appears Vertical will continue its trend of translating Attack on Titan novels, which includes the two volumes of Before the Fall and the upcoming Harsh Mistress of the City.

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