Goblin Slayer Licensed by Yen On

(pictured: Goblin Slayer!)
(pictured: Goblin Slayer)

A new license has recently been revealed for Yen Press: a light novel series titled Goblin Slayer!, along with its manga adaptation. Goblin Slayer! is written by Kumo Kagyu, and includes illustrations by Noboru Kannatuki. This piece of news appeared in an article on Publishers Weekly regarding the recent partnership between Hachette (which owns Yen Press) and Kadokawa. The article is an interesting one; I suggest giving it a read.

Goblin Slayer
Goblin Slayer

Japan’s first volume of Goblin Slayer! was released in February, followed by the second earlier this week. As for its synopsis, the series centers on a man who desires to become an adventurer whose motto is: “I won’t save the world, I just kill goblins.” After hearing rumors about him, a female elf approaches him with a request. (Source)

According to the Publishers Weekly article, the first volume will release in English this December.

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