Currently Releasing Light Novel Series

(pictured: Sword Art Online)

(pictured: Sword Art Online)

This page is where you can see what series are currently getting English releases, and in what formats they are being made available.

  • ✔ = available
  • ✘ = not available
  • a = audiobook option (at least for some volumes)
  • c = in Japan, the series is completed
  • c* = in Japan, the series is completed–but there’s a sequel series
  • utd = up to date with Japan’s latest release
  • wn = web novel for the original source (no light novels in Japan)
Title Print Ebook Progress
Accel World paperback 11 of 21
Akaoni: Contract with a Vampire 1 of wn
Arifureta ✘ (later) 3 of 6
Asterisk War paperback 4 of 12
Baccano! hardcover 5 of 22
Black Bullet paperback 7 of 7 utd
Bluesteel Blasphemer 3 of 4 c
Certain Magical Index paperback 12 of 22 c*
Clockwork Planet ✘ (later) 1 of 4
Combat Baker and Automaton… 1 of 7
Death March… paperback 3 of 11
Demon King Daimaou 2 of 13 c
Devil is a Part-Timer! paperback 8 of 17
Durarara!! paperback 7 of 13 c*
Faraway Paladin 3 of 3 utd
Goblin Slayer paperback 3 of 6
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash paperback 5 of 11
How a Realist Hero… 3 of 5
I Became the Secretary of a Hero! 1 of wn
If It’s for My Daughter… 2 of 6
In Another World Smartphone 4 of 10
Infinite Dendrogram 2 of 5
Invaders of the Rokujouma!? 7 of 27
Irregular at Magic High School paperback 5 of 23
I Saved Too Many Girls… 5 of 16
Is it Wrong… Dungeon? paperback 9 of 12
Is it Wrong… Sword Oratoria paperback 3 of 9
Isolator hardcover 3 of 4
Juni Taisen: Zodiac War hardcover 1 of 1 utd
Kagerou Daze paperback 7 of 7 utd
Konosuba paperback 3 of 12
Legend of the Galactic Heroes paperback ✔ a 4 of 10 c
Log Horizon paperback 8 of 10
Magical Girl Raising Project paperback 1 of 10
Mikagura School Suite paperback 1 of 8
Mixed Bathing in Dimension 4 of 5
Monogatari paperback ✘ a 6 of 23
My Big Sister Lives in Fantasy 5 of 7 c
My Favorite Song 1 of wn
My Little Sister Can Read Kanji 3 of 5 c
My Youth Romantic Comedy paperback 3 of 12
Naruto Secret Chronicles paperback 3 of 6 c
No Game No Life paperback 6 of 9
Occultic;Nine paperback 2 of 3
Overlord hardcover 5 of 11
Paying to Win in a VRMMO 4 of 6 c
Psycome paperback 4 of 6 c
Re:Zero paperback 4 of 14
Rising of the Shield Hero paperback 9 of 18
Rokka: Braves of Six Flowers paperback 2 of 6
Seraph of the End: Guren paperback 6 of 7
Sound! Euphonium paperback 1 of 4
Spice and Wolf paperback 18 of 19 c
Strike the Blood paperback 7 of 17
Sword Art Online paperback 11 of 20
Sword Art Online Progressive paperback 4 of 4 utd
Vampire Hunter D paperback 25 of 44 c
Violet Knight 1 of wn

For convenience, below you will find a table for some of the recent one-shots and completed series.

Title Print Ebook Progress
Alice’s Tale 1 of 1
Akiba Labyrinth 1 of 1
Another hardcover 2 of 2
Attack on Titan: Harsh Mistress paperback ✘ a 2 of 2
Attack on Titan: Lost Girls paperback 1 of 1
Book Girl paperback 8 of 8
Boy and the Beast hardcover 1 of 1
Brave Chronicle 1 of 1
Disappearance of Hatsune Miku paperback 1 of 1
Haruhi Suzumiya paper, hard 11 of 11
Kieli paperback 9 of 9
Naruto True Story paperback 3 of 3
Pandora Hearts: Caucus Race paperback 3 of 3
Seven Deadly Sins: Seven Scars paperback 1 of 1
Tokyo Ghoul paperback 3 of 3
Vampire Knight: Fleeting Dreams paperback 1 of 1
Whether it Rains or Shines 1 of 1
Your Lie in April: Six-Person Etude paperback 1 of 1
Your Name hardcover 1 of 1

As always, feel free to comment if anything needs to be fixed!

13 responses to “Currently Releasing Light Novel Series

  1. Pedantry at its finest but I noticed that you have included volume 21 of Accel World, which is out today, but not volume 16 of Strike the Blood, which is also released today.

    As for Vampire Hunter D, there are 44 volumes covering 31 stories out in Japan at present, whereas in English there are 24 volumes covering 19 stories, which cover the first 31 volumes of the Japanese release’s content. Confusing, yes, but I’m not sure where you’re getting 24 of 26 from.

    It also might be worth making a note of what utd means (up to date I assume) as it took me a while to work it out.

    • Thanks, kuuderes_shadow, I’ve updated the numbers there. I don’t remember where I got 26 from for Vampire Hunter, unfortunately…

      The explanation for utd, a, and wn can be found above the charts. I might space them out to make them more noticeable.

  2. There are currently 11 volumes out of Re:zero, with the 12th releasing on the 25th of March (in Japanese). Also, Re:Zero has a web novel as original source.

    • Thanks, I’ll update the numbers when I can.
      The wn tag though on this page is just for titles that don’t have a light novel release in Japan, and thus can’t have a number of volumes listed.

  3. Thank you for this amazing resource. It’s my go-to page for keeping up with releases for my preorders each month.

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