Mikagura School Suite Licensed by One Peace Books

(pictured: Mikagura School Suite)

One Peace Books will release the first volume of the light novel series Mikagura School Suite in English on August 29th. The first book is titled “Stride after School.”

Mikagura School Suite


Eruna Ichinomiya is preparing to enter high school, but there’s just one problem―none of the schools interest her! The uniforms are all too boring, until she discovers Mikagura Academy. After Eruna miraculously passes the entrance exam, she discovers that Mikagura Academy isn’t a typical school. Mikagura Academy only allows students to form culture-themed school clubs, participation in those clubs is compulsory, and there is a battle system where students must compete with each other as representatives of their clubs. Now Eruna must discover her own power and win her first battle!

Mikagura School Suite (AKA Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku) is a completed series in Japan, its eight volumes released from July 2013 to August 2016. The story received a 12-episode anime adaptation in spring 2015, the DVD/Blu-ray of which was released in English last September. The original source for the story is a set of Vocaloid songs by Last Note, who also wrote the novels. (A similar example of this is the Kagerou Daze series, which was written by Jin, the creator of the Vocaloid songs for the Kagerou Project.) The illustrator for the Mikagura novels is Akina, who was also the illustrator for the Mikagura music videos.

One Peace Books will also release a manga adaptation for the series. Among light novel fans, this distributor is best-known for its releases of The Rising of the Shield Hero, which currently has six volumes out in English.

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