Magical Girl Raising Project

Magical Girl Raising Project

English Title: Magical Girl Raising Project
Japanese Title: 魔法少女育成計画 — Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku
Author: Asari Endou
Illustrator: Marui-no
Translator: Alexander Keller-Nelson
Genre: Magical Girl, Action, Fantasy
Original Run: June 2012 – ongoing
English Run: June 2017 – ongoing
Japanese Publisher: Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! Bunko (Takarajimasha)
English Publisher: Yen On (Yen Press)
Volumes in Japanese: 12 (In Progress)
Volumes in English: 3 (In Progress)
Average Price Per Volume: Paperback $10 — Kindle $8 — Nook $8

Synopsis: The hit smartphone game Magical Girl Raising Project is not only free, but one in tens of thousands of players will win real-life powers. In N City, sixteen of these lucky girls help the city’s citizens–until upper management announces that each week, the least productive magical girl will lose her gifts. But this is no ordinary contest, and as the rules become increasingly sadistic, the competition to keep their powers becomes a vicious battle for the girls’ very lives…

Volume 1
AmazonBarnes and NobleBook DepositoryRightStuf
Released June 20, 2017 — ISBN-13: 978-0316558570

Volume 2 — Restart: Part One
AmazonBarnes and NobleBook DepositoryRightStuf
Released November 14, 2017 — ISBN-13: 978-0316559911

Volume 3 — Restart: Part Two
AmazonBarnes and NobleBook DepositoryRightStuf
Released March 27, 2018 — ISBN-13: 978-0316559966

Upcoming Releases

Reviews of Magical Girl Raising Project
Girls in Capes: Vol 1Vol 2
English Light Novels: Vol 1Vol 2

Illustrations Sampler

Anime Adaptation
MAL Entry — 12 episodes — Aired October 2016 – December 2016
Crunchyroll (streaming)
Note: Adapted volume 1 of the light novel series

Manga Adaptation
MAL Entry — 2 volumes — Published September 2015 – October 2015 (English release by Yen Press)
AmazonBarnes and NobleBook DepositoryRightStuf

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