I Became the Secretary of a Hero!

I Became the Secretary of a Hero!

English Title: I Became the Secretary of a Hero!
Japanese Title: 勇者様の秘書になりました — Yuusha-sama no Hisho ni Narimashita
Author: Tsukasa Yamazaki
Illustrator: Kiyu Kanae
Translator: Charis Messier
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Original Run: June 2015 – ongoing (web novel)
English Run: September 2017 – ongoing
Japanese Publisher: N/A
English Publisher: Cross Infinite World
Volumes in Japanese: N/A
Volumes in English: 2 (In Progress)
Average Price Per Volume: Kindle $9 — Nook $9

Synopsis: Paralegal Aki Konishi returns to her apartment after work to find a tall, dark, and handsome man claiming her little sister is his bride…before leaping out the window with her in his arms! Aki pursues the kidnapper through a rift he opened in the fabric of reality in a desperate attempt to save her sister. Along the way, Aki encounters a dashing hero, a manly mage, and a handsome priest who unwittingly drags her into their battle against the Dark Lord, but what can a normal office worker do to help a hero and his team? Become the hero’s secretary, of course! Will Aki ever be able to save her sister from the Dark Lord? Find out in this exciting new fantasy light novel with a secretary twist!

Volume 1
AmazonBarnes and NobleGumroadKobo
Released September 30, 2017 — ASIN: B074Z64F2P

Volume 2
Released December 18, 2019 — ASIN: B07Y2WQX4S

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