The Magic in this Other World is Too Far Behind!

The Magic in This Other World is Too Far Behind!

English Title: The Magic in this Other World is Too Far Behind!
Japanese Title: 異世界魔法は遅れてる! — “Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru!”
Author: Gamei Hitsuji — 樋辻臥命
Illustrators: himesuz (Vol 1-6), Ao Nekonabe — 猫鍋蒼 (Vol 7+)
Translator: Hikoki
Genre: Isekai, Fantasy, Adventure, Harem
Original Run: April 2014 – ongoing
English Run: April 2018 – ongoing
Japanese Publisher: Overlap Bunko
English Publisher: J-Novel Club
Volumes in Japanese: 8 (In Progress)
Volumes in English: 8 (Caught Up)
Average Price Per Volume: Kindle $7 – iBook $7 – Kobo $7
Note: Also available to read online through a J-Novel Club subscription. This series is currently digital-only.

Synopsis: Suimei and two of his best friends find themselves mysteriously summoned to another world. There’s a cute princess, magic galore, a Demon Lord that needs to be defeated, and a world that needs to be saved—the works! Too bad Suimei isn’t interested. His friends are all too ready to play the parts of heroes, but Suimei just wants to get home. He has an advantage as a magician… but he’s in for a rude awakening when he finds out what actually passes for magic in these parts.

Volume 1
AmazoniBookJ-Novel ClubKobo
Released April 18, 2018 — ASIN: B07C8HTQLH

Volume 2
AmazoniBookJ-Novel ClubKobo
Released May 17, 2018 — ASIN: B07BNPNVNG

Volume 3
AmazoniBookJ-Novel ClubKobo
Released June 15, 2018 — ASIN: B07CTJPVN5

Volume 4
AmazoniBookJ-Novel ClubKobo
Released July 15, 2018 — ASIN: B07D9JYSCC

Volume 5
AmazoniBookJ-Novel ClubKobo
Released August 16, 2018 — ASIN: B07F61KH2Y

Volume 6
AmazoniBookJ-Novel ClubKobo
Released September 15, 2018 — ASIN: B07GMMN323

Volume 7
AmazoniBookJ-Novel ClubKobo
Released November 3, 2018 — ASIN: B07HKPL9W2

Volume 8
AmazoniBookJ-Novel ClubKobo
Released December 20, 2018 — ASIN: B07JQ8ZNC3

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Illustrations Sampler

Manga Adaptation
MAL Entry — 2 volumes — July 2017 – ongoing (Japan Only)

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