The Eminence in Shadow

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The Eminence in Shadow

English Title: The Eminence in Shadow
Japanese Title: 陰の実力者になりたくて! — “Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!”
Author: Daisuke Aizawa – 逢沢大介
Illustrator: Touzai – 東西
Translator: Kristi Fernandez
Genre: Isekai, Comedy, Action
Original Run: November 2018 – ongoing
English Run: June 2020 – ongoing
Japanese Publisher: Enterbrain
English Publisher: Yen On (Yen Press)
Volumes in Japanese: 3 (In Progress)
Volumes in English: 2 (In Progress)


One big fat lie and a few twisted truths
Even in his past life, Cid’s dream wasn’t to become a protagonist or a fi nal boss. He’d rather lie low as a minor character until it’s prime time to reveal he’s a mastermind…or at least, do the next best thing-pretend to be one! And now that he’s been reborn into another world, he’s ready to set the perfect conditions to live out his dreams to the fullest. Armed with his overactive imagination, Cid jokingly recruits members to his organization and makes up a whole backstory about an evil cult that they need to take down. Well, as luck would have it, these imaginary adversaries turn out to be the real deal-and everyone knows the truth but him!

Volume 1
AmazonBarnes and NobleBook DepositoryRightstuf
Releasing July 28, 2020 — ISBN-13: 978-1975359058

Volume 2
Amazon — Barnes and Noble — Book Depository — Rightstuf — BAM! — Indigo
Releasing November 10, 2020 — ISBN-13: 9781975386993

Volume 3
Amazon — Barnes and Noble — Book Depository — RightStuf
Releasing TBA — ISBN-13: ###-##########

Reviews of The Eminence in Shadow

Illustrations Sampler

Anime Adaptation


Manga Adaptation

MAL Entry — (Japan) Began publication December 2018 – ongoing (No English Publisher)

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5 thoughts on “The Eminence in Shadow

  1. […] The series is written by Matsuri Akai with illustrations by Tozai. The series’s fourth volume will be released in Japan on February 25th. While this appears to be Akai’s first work, the illustrator Tozai has worked on a number of titles available in English such as Saving 80,000 Gold in an Another World for Retirement and The Eminence in Shadow. […]

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