Buck Naked in Another World

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Buck Naked in Another World

English Title: Buck Naked in Another World
Japanese Title: 新約・異世界に転生したら全裸にされた — “Shinyaku Isekai ni Tensei Shitara Zenra ni Sareta”
Author: Madoka Kotani – 狐谷まどか
Illustrator: Mochiusa – もちうさ
Translator: TBA
Genre: Comedy, Isekai
Original Run: August 2019 – ongoing
English Run: July 2020 – ongoing
Japanese Publisher: Mag-Garden Novels (Mag Garden)
English Publisher: Seven Seas
Volumes in Japanese: 2 (In Progress)
Volumes in English: 1 (In Progress)


In this new light novel series, enjoy a screwball action romcomin another world!

When an ordinary Japanese man is catapulted headfirst into a fantasy world, he’s especially disappointed that he was sent stark naked! Adapting to life in a land of monsters and magic is hard enough without having to do it in your birthday suit, but Yoshida Shuta is going to grin and bear it―or bare it―as best he can.


Volume 1
AmazonBarnes and NobleBook Depository — Rightstuf
Releasing July 21, 2020 — ISBN-13: 978-1645055433

Upcoming Releases

Volume 2
Amazon — Barnes and Noble — Book Depository — RightStuf
Releasing TBA — ISBN-13: ###-##########

Reviews of Buck Naked in Another World

  • (forthcoming)

Illustrations Sampler

Anime Adaptation


Manga Adaptation

MAL Entry — (Japan) Published December 2018 – ogoing (No English release)

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